Selasa, 30 Desember 2014

Alternative Choices for Healthy Nails

Applying nail polish over and over again can be a fun treatment, but it will damage your nails. You need to know that covering your nails in those thick nail polish will lead your nails to dry and easily break off. If you often use nail polish, you also need to ensure that your nails get proper treatment.

Even if you love to apply nail polish, you must give time for your nails to be free from polish every once and a while. Then, wash your nails and apply some moisturizer. Yes, your nails need moisturiser to keep it soft and smooth. This nail treatment also prevents it from broken. Some people prefer to hide their broken nails with nail polish, though it can worsen the problem. When your nails is broken or dry, it’s best to leave it clean from nail polish. Then, you can apply some lotion to soften your nail and end this problem for good.

If you don’t have nail lotion, you can still have alternative choices for your beauty care. Olive oil or vegetable oil can be used to cleanse your nails. Apply it using cotton bud after you have cleansed your nails from polish. Leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off. You can also use hair conditioner to moisturize your nails.